Recovery Support App: iStep for Sex Addiction

An uncontrollable compulsion for sexual behavior can quickly become problematic for many reasons. iStep is a recovery support app that can be personalized to focus on Sex Addiction. iStep compels personal growth and mental well-being through a program of daily self-reflection.  If you are ready, to be honest, open-minded, and willing to change your life; you are ready for iStep. Our application can be followed without a focus to support anyone’s personal growth journey, or it can be personalized to focus on one of over 25 different substance or behavioral addictions; including Sex.

While our app will benefit anyone’s self-improvement journey, it is particularly helpful for anyone experiencing:

  • an inability to consistently abstain from certain life-damaging substances or rewarding experiences such as compulsive sexual behaviour.
  • an impairment of their behavioral control, leading to toxic behavior and actions;
  • diminished recognition of problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships;
  • dysfunctional emotional responses leading to unhappiness and life struggles

iStep will help manage the above issues by stimulating self-awareness and developing a new level of understanding yourself and why you act in specific ways. It will track your emotions, behavior, and character defects.  It will also help you focus on replacing character flaws with assets. After embracing this life recovery support app, you will notice:

  • Improved emotional intelligence and rational, emotional responses
  • A clear understanding of personal issues and improved relationships
  • An improved understanding and control of your behavior
  • the ability to abstain from mood- or mind-altering substances and problematic behaviors

If you are seeking support with your recovery from Sex Addiction, following iStep will change your life. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and truly everything you can possibly imagine (and more) to gain. Take the first step towards a life free from destructive behaviors.

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