Before you begin


Self-honesty: To help with self-honesty, imagine a spiritual character on your shoulder. As you reflect on a question, a higher power of your choosing will provide you the answers through this character.  Close your eyes and ask yourself, “Can I become a better person?”  What response did your character provide first? What did your mind say immediately after? During this program, you must always answer with honesty and dismiss the rationalizations that come after it.

Open-mindedness: Being open- or closed-minded is similar to having open or closed eyes. If you go through life with closed eyes, you will not see what you are missing. The same is true with a closed mind. You must be open to new ideas and trying new ways of doing things.  If you notice yourself dismissing something as silly, wrong, or not for you — stop and open your mind.

Willingness: We must be willing to change and take daily steps towards improving our life. A personal commitment is needed here.  The only person that can change your life is you. You must take action; you must do the work. You must be willing to try a new way of doing things.

If you are honest, open, and willing — let’s begin. Start the free trial.