iStep Recovery Support App Functions

The iStep Recovery Support App functions provide tools to manage a daily program of self-improvement with a focus on mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our App incorporates the principals of the world-renowned 12-step recovery program and can be personalized to either focus on one of over 30 different substance or behavioral addictions, or followed without a focus.  All iStep Recovery Support App functions aim to develop self-awareness and expand spirituality through a process of self-analysis focused on behavior, resentments, feelings, emotions, causes of guilt and shame, fears, family relations, character defects, sexual relationships, suffered abuse and physical and emotional harm.

AI Dashboard

Artificial intelligence will constantly analyze your work and provide daily guidance to maximize your personal growth.


Reflect on your day, and track how you advance through life. Identify and understand your emotional and behavioral trends.


Monitor your weekly iStep progress, and easily identify both positive and negative trends linked to your character defects.

iStep Work

Work through hundreds of targeted self-reflection questions focused on your chosen substance or behavioral addiction.

Step Meditation

Gain clarity whenever desired with one-click micro-meditations for all 600+ self-reflection questions.


Link support people or family to your program. Enable them to see a dashboard of your weekly progress.


No need for a separate meditation app. iStep has it covered. Includes guided and timed meditations.


An open space to express yourself throughout your days. Maximizing self-reflection will maximize personal growth.

Custom Programs

Select 30+ substance or behavior addiction programs and incorporate your personal spiritual or religious views