Test: Am I an Addict or Alcoholic?

The “Am I an Addict or Alcoholic?” Test has 25 yes/no questions. The results will provide a score out of 100 and include our opinion on the result. Ensure you answer all the questions with brutal honesty. Listen to your inner voice and avoid rationalizing away the truth. The Addict Test is important as an addict has only two choices; live in active addiction (continue to drink or use drugs) or live in recovery (abstain from drugs and alcohol and focus on personal growth). iSTEP can help anyone follow the path of personal growth and recovery.

Have you ever drank alcohol or taken drugs alone?

Have you ever driven a car when probably above the legal limit of alcohol or under the influence of drugs?

Have you ever manipulated or lied to a doctor or anyone else to obtain prescription drugs?

Have you ever stolen drugs or alcohol or, stolen to obtain drugs or alcohol?

Have you ever felt the need to cut down or limit your drinking or drug use?

After running out of drugs or alochol, have you ever felt sick or other withdrawls symptoms?

Have you avoided people or places that do not approve of you using drugs or drinking?

Has your job or school performance ever suffered due to your drug use or drinking?

Have you ever been arrested or almost arrested as a result of using drugs or drinking?

Have you ever lied about what or how much you used or drank?

Have you ever put the purchase of drugs or alcohol ahead of other financial responsibilities?

Have you ever made unsuccessfull attempts at cutting down or stopping your drug use or drinking?

Have you ever been in a hospital, detox, or drug rehabilitation center because of your using or drinking?

Do you feel it would be impossible or horrible to live without drugs or alcohol?

Have you reduced or eliminated participation in other activities you used to enjoy because of drug use or drinking?

Has your drug use or drinking made life at home unplesent for yourself or others?

Have you ever thought you could not fit in or have a good time without drugs or alcohol?

Have you ever become defensive or felt guilty, or ashamed about your using or drinking?

Do you think a lot about getting or using drugs or alcohol?

Has using drugs or drinking negativly affected your relationship with friends or family?

Have you ever used drugs or alcohol to help alleviate emotional pain or stress?

Have you ever overdosed or blacked out from drugs or alcohol?

Have you ever developed a tolerance to a drug or alcohol? Needing more of the substance to get the desired effect?

Have you continued to use drugs or drink despite suffering negative consequences?

Do you think you may have a drug or drinking problem?

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