The iStep Recovery Support Process

The iStep recovery support process was designed for anyone that wants to experience a significant improvement in their life. The process of converting your life from self-destructive to constructive or from unhappy to happy is challenging. The only person that able to do this successfully is you. However, supported by Artificial Intelligence, iStep provides an easy to follow daily recovery focused program of tasks that compels personal growth and mental well-being. It provides the tiny push in the right direction every day.

The iStep approach to personal growth is focused on improving self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and behavior by targeted regular self-reflection. The backbone of the program incorporates the principals of the renowned recipe for a better life, the twelve-step recovery program without forcing any religious aspects onto users.  

  1. Get to grip with reality

    At this stage, you will develop a better understanding of what your life has become and what brought you to this point. It will help you clarify the two directions your life can take from this point forward. Normally the options are either a. don’t change and continue down the drain or b. work yourself up the mountain towards peace and serenity. By the end of this stage you will break any lingering denial that you are ‘fine’ the way you are. You’re not fine, otherwise why would you be reading this? People that are “fine” don’t seek help… they are ‘fine’ after all. This stage involves an admission that there is a better strategy for life; compared to what you have been doing to date which is likely trying (unsuccessfully) to cope with life by abusing rewarding behaviors, drugs, or alcohol. Have an open mind, there is a better way and we will show you.

  2. Acknowledge the existence of your conscience and the critical relationship between it and yourself

  3. Start listening to your moral compass and start actively trying to follow it

  4. Figure out exactly who you are

  5. Time to get over yourself and admit to someone else exactly who you are

  6. Time to take responsibility for your self-improvement

  7. Your conscience or a higher power will now help you avoid acting out on character defects

  8. Identify the people, businesses, and institutions that you have harmed in your life

  9. Replace the guilt and shame of causing harm with the self-esteem and pride linked to making amends

  10. Reflect on your day, every day

  11. Have a regular and ongoing dialog with yourself, your higher power, your conscience

  12. Help others grow, be at service, make the world a better place

Then What? Recovery is a lifelong endeavor as the limit to personal growth is not known. The iStep Recovery Support Process ensures that every time you repeat the program, you will uncover new layers of yourself and continue growing. Self-reflection will always be different at different periods of your life. The outcome is ongoing personal growth, character development, and mental well-being. Why repeat? Well, what is the alternative to working on personal growth? Don’t grow? Engage is personal-destruction? iStep will help you continue down the path of personal growth indefinitely, and the iStep program will be enhanced and better tailored to your own growth journey.

Everyone seeks a path to greater happiness, and iStep will help everyone enhance the needed foundation of self-confidence and self-acceptance. Our mobile application now brings this program to the fingertips and daily lives of millions of people around the globe. Download Today.

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